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Profhilo vs Botox – Which is better?

Profhilo and Botox are both very different treatments with different mechanisms of action.

Both are anti-ageing treatments and are very popular in my clinic from the age of 30. Many patients have Profhilo and Botox together to get the best possible rejuvenation results.

What is Botox?

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Botox for Wrinkles

Many people when asked what Botox does will say ‘it gets rid of wrinkles’ however, the truth is a bit more complicated than that.

All wrinkles are not the same and there are two different types of facial wrinkles- ‘dynamic’ wrinkles and ‘static’ wrinkles which need to be treated differently.

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Will lip filler suit me?

Lip Filler

Many patients are a bit scared of getting lip filler, and rightly so. We’ve been bombarded over the years by unnatural, overfilled ‘trout pout’ lips in the media. It is no surprise that patients are cautious of getting lip filler and wonder if it will suit them.

When treated by an experienced medical professional the results of lip enhancement really can be beautiful,

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