Acne is a skin condition that can affect all age groups. It is caused when the skin is not exfoliating normally and the pores and hair follicles become blocked with oil and dead skin which forms a blackhead or whitehead, or in more severe cases, a cyst.

We offer the ZO skincare range, which has excellent solutions for acne prone skin. Other treatment solutions to help combat acne include chemical peels, which can help balance the skin's pH, or a tailored WOW Fusion treatment.

Scars can develop as a complication of acne which can be improved with medical skincare or WOW Fusion treatment.

Stretch marks can occur during puberty or pregnancy due to the skin stretching during growth of the body. Medical skincare of WOW Fusion treatments are effective ways to improve the visibility of stretchmarks and acne scarring.



Crow’s feet, also known as ‘smile lines’, occur at the outer edge of the eyes. They form due to the repetitive muscle movement of smiling or laughing and become more pronounced as we age due to the reduction in elasticity of the skin. Loss of volume in the cheeks contributes to the formation of these lines. Crow's feet are often more prominent for smokers or people who have had high sun exposure.

We offer a variety of treatment options for crow's feet including anti-wrinkle injections, ZO skincare, chemical peels, Profhilo and WOW Fusion.



Dark circles form due to blood vessels showing through from under the skin or by facial volume loss causing shadows in the under eye area. As we age the skin loses collagen, making these circles visible.

We offer a variety of treatment options for the treatment of dark circles including tear trough filler, ZO medical skincare and cheek filler.



A brow lift is a great way to treat the appearance of drooping eyebrows.

Brow lifts use anti-wrinkle injections to correct brow asymmetry and subtly open up the eyes, resulting in a more youthful appearance.



With age your lips lose hyaluronic acid, the structure that binds water and gives lips their moist appearance. We can treat this dryness using lip enhancement and ZO skincare to restore moisture and fullness to the lips.

Our skin can become more dull and dry as we age due to the loss of collagen and elastin and the lengthening of our skin cell cycle. Dull, dry skin can be treated using ZO medical skincare, WOW Fusion or Profhilo treatment.



Enlarged pores are depressions in the facial skin surface that tend to get more noticeable as we age. A bespoke skincare treatment designed by Dr Emily with the use of ZO medical skincare of WOW Fusion treatment can aid the appearance of enlarged pores and help to reveal the inner, more confident you.



Light facial hair, or 'peach fuzz', can be treated with a dermaplaning facial. A dermaplaning facial removes dead skin cells and removes superficial hair, encouraging the skin to glow. It is a fantastic treatment to have prior to a special event as it allows makeup to sit beautifully on the skin.



As we age our faces lose bone, muscle and fat, this happens alongside a reduction in the collagen and hyaluronic acid in our skin. Volume loss is most prominent in the temples, cheeks and in the area underneath the eyes.

We treat loss of facial volume with the preceise placement of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.



Lines are caused by the natural loss of collagen in the skin and the muscle activity that occurs when we move our eyebrows. Forehead lines can occur in both men and women from their 20s onwards and can be exacerbated from lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun exposure.

EJHaesthetics offers bespoke treatment for forehead lines including anti-wrinkle injections and WOW Fusion treatment.



Excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis, most commonly occurs in the armpits, hands and forehead. This condition can cause a huge amount of embarrassment and anxiety, but in most cases it can be alleviated by treatment.

EJHaesthetics offers tailored hyperhidrosis treatment to tackle your individual concerns with the aid of anti-wrinkle (Botox) injections.



The Nefertiti neck lift is a popular non-surgical procedure that works to minimise the appearance of neck bands and jowls. Botox anti-wrinkle injections are used to smooth the bands of the neck and define the jawline, resulting in the smoothing and lifting of the neck and lower face.



Teeth grinding can occur as a result of stress and pressure. In most cases grinding can be alleviated or stopped by treatment with anti-wrinkle (Botox) injections alongside the provision of a mouthguard from your dentist. As this is a dental treatment a full dental examination would be required to ascertain the cause of the grinding prior to treatment of the muscle with Botox.



An increase of the natural pigment, melanin, can cause darkening of areas of the skin otherwise known as pigmentation. Pigmentation is a common condition for people who have had high exposure to the sun.

We can use ZO skincare, chemical peels or WOW fusion treatment to improve the appearance of pigmentation.



A downturned tip of nose or large bridge of nose can be treated with dermal filler in a procedure known as the '15 minute nose job'.