Will lip filler suit me?

Will lip filler suit me?

Lip Filler

Many patients are a bit scared of getting lip filler, and rightly so. We’ve been bombarded over the years by unnatural, overfilled ‘trout pout’ lips in the media. It is no surprise that patients are cautious of getting lip filler and wonder if it will suit them.

When treated by an experienced medical professional the results of lip enhancement really can be beautiful, natural, and really improve a patient’s overall appearance.

There are many reasons for someone wanting to have their lips treated with dermal filler.

  • Patients may be wanting the volume of the lips improved,
  • They may want to enhance the shape of the lip.
  • Patients may have an asymmetry when they smile that is making them self conscious.
  • In more mature patients it may be the lines around the lips, the so-called ‘smokers lines’ or ‘perioral wrinkles’ that are causing them distress.

The key to ensuring that lip filler treatment will work in harmony with the rest of your face is having a consultation with a medical professional.

At your consultation, your injector should carry out a full assessment of your face to see if your concern would be addressed with lip filler or if an alternative treatment may be better. You should be given all the information on treatment to include the cost of treatment, any risks associated with treatment and you should always be offered a review appointment after treatment to check your concerns have been properly addressed. The consultation is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the treatment.

In summary, if you are considering getting lip fillers it is worth fully researching doctors in your area until you find someone that is right for you. Always ask about their training and experience and to see any before and after photographs they may have. Due to the serious risks involved with filler treatment, I would always urge patients to see a medical professional for lip fillers.

When having treatment with a qualified injector, who uses a premium product and respects the natural beauty in your face, lip enhancement can help you to look even more beautiful.

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