Profhilo vs Botox – Which is better?

Profhilo vs Botox – Which is better?

Profhilo and Botox are both very different treatments with different mechanisms of action.

Both are anti-ageing treatments and are very popular in my clinic from the age of 30. Many patients have Profhilo and Botox together to get the best possible rejuvenation results.

What is Botox?



Botox is a naturally occurring protein that works to block nerve signals to the muscle. This results in a relaxing of the muscles and a softening of lines and wrinkles in the skin overlying the muscles.

The aim of Botox is not to freeze the face as this gives an unnatural look. Some movement of the muscles allows normal facial expressions to be possible. I always prefer a partial relaxation of the muscles to smooth lines and to refresh the face.

What is Profhilo?



Profhilo is an injectable hyaluronic acid that was launched into the aesthetic market in the last few years. Profhilo works to boost skin hydration and treats skin laxity. It is an extremely popular treatment for the face, neck and décolletage and hands. Profhilo doesn’t just treat the signs of ageing it also helps to boost the skin’s natural collagen and elastin levels that unfortunately deplete as we age. Profhilo is popular with my patients as there is very minimal downtime and the results are very natural.

If you would like to learn more about either of these treatments, please book in for a consultation or send Dr Emily a message. I would be more than happy to help you.

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