What helps acne?

What helps acne?

1. Frequent face-washing can make acne worse. Aim for gentle cleansing of the skin twice a day.

2. Resist the temptation to pick or squeeze spots. Picking traumatises the skin and may result in scarring. Squeezing pushes bacteria further into the skin.

3. Do not scrub your skin too hard as it makes the spots more inflamed.

4. Choose oil-free makeup

5. Go makeup-free when exercising

6. Keep hands and hair clean and tied back so that oily hair doesn’t touch the face

7. Be careful in the sun. Too much sun exposure causes irritation that can make breakouts more severe

8. Arrange a consultation with a skincare specialist who will advise on the best way to treat your acne. This can be achieved with prescription topical skincare, micro needling, chemical peels or antibiotics to name just a few treatment options.

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