Five top skincare tips for Autumn

Five top skincare tips for Autumn

There’s no denying it; its getting cooler, wetter and the evenings are drawing in.

Hello Autumn!

Although there are lots of lovely parts to this season the change in weather isn’t so great for our skin.

The main challenge to our skin in Autumn is drier skin due to the central heating going on and the consequences of Summertime sun damage rearing it’s head.

Even though these skincare tips are focused towards the Autumn they are also applicable to caring for your skin throughout the whole year.

  •  EXFOLIATE. I’m sure a lot of my clients feel I bang on about this but it really is one of the the most important parts of a good skin care regime. I recommend exfoliating twice daily with a moderately exfoliating product such as with my all time favourite – ZO Exfoliating Polish. Exfoliating regularly removes dead skin cells, unblocks the pores and stimulates a healthy circulation giving you a beautiful glow. Exfoliating also helps improve dry skin. Please see my previous video on ‘exfoliation not mosturization for dry skin’ for more information on this.
  •  DRINK MORE WATER. Skin at this time of year can be dehydrated due to the over exposure to sun that occurred in the summer. Central heating also results in dry and flaky skin. Personally I find it easier to forget to drink water at this time of year so I’ve made a note on my fridge to remind myself to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Do whatever works for you to jog your memory!
  •  INCREASE YOUR RETINOL. Retinol is the superhero of skincare. It helps with conditions such as acne, rosecea, pigmentation and is anti-ageing. It is a good time to increase the % and/or frequency of application of retinol at this time of year as it helps to treat summertime pigmentation. Retinol makes the skin more sensitive to the suns rays so it is best to increase it at this time of year when the UV index is lower.
  • SUNSCREEN. Sunscreen should be worn ALL YEAR even when it is dull and overcast. If you get into a routine and put sunscreen on every morning under your makeup then it’s much harder to forget. 90% of skin ageing is due to sun damage so if you only take away one skincare tip this is the one not to forget!
  • REMOVE MAKEUP. Always take your makeup off with a good quality cleanser such as the ZO exfoliating cleanser. Leaving makeup on traps dead skin cells leaving you with a dull, lifeless complexion. Sleeping in makeup also means you are more likely to suffer from breakouts. Most makeup wipes contain alcohol that irritate and dry out the skin so a wipe is not a suitable alternative to a high quality cleanser that cleans the face properly.
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