A guide to choosing your aesthetics practitioner

A guide to choosing your aesthetics practitioner

The market is getting increasingly flooded with businesses offering aesthetics services and it can be difficult to decide on where to go to get treatment.

So how do you choose which practitioner is right for you?

Firstly, aesthetics is not regulated in this country and there are lots of people carrying out treatments that have not undergone adequate training, do not have a medical background and are not insured.

I would stress the importance of seeing a clinician and not a beautician- either a Nurse Prescriber, Doctor or Dentist- as these treatments do carry with them risks if not carried out safely.

These groups are able to legally prescribe Botox and have the adequate training to manage medical emergencies or complications in the unlikely event that they occur.

If you are not sure what qualifications a prospective clinician has ask to see proof- have they done adequate training? how long have they been carrying out aesthetic procedures for?

Ask to see proof of insurance.

All clinicians should have a comprehensive policy in place in case any unforeseen issues arise.

What does the clinical environment look and feel like? is it welcoming? is it clean? has the practitioner washed their hands? Does the environment respect your confidentiality?

Reputable clinics will always carry out a full consultation prior to undertaking any treatment.

You should never feel pressured into have any treatment and should be encouraged to go home and think about your treatment options ( a completely legitimate option is always to have no treatment at all!)

Make sure the full cost of treatment is communicated to you prior to having the procedure.

A full consent to treatment should be undertaken; this process explains to you the risks of treatment, the treatment process, the likely result of treatment and the longevity.

It is good practice to review your treatment after an appropriate interval (usually two weeks) to ensure that you are satisfied with treatment outcome.

Ask to see the clinicians portfolio or any testimonials from clients.

You are perfectly within your rights to visit a few clinics for consultation and see who you feel most comfortable with. After all, it is your face that we are talking about.