What to expect at a Aesthetic Consultation

What to expect at a Aesthetic Consultation

What to expect at an aesthetics consultation

When you attend for a consultation you will be asked to complete a medical history form including any medications you may be on or any allergies you may have so we can ensure there are no contraindications to treatment.

At the consultation, we will have a chat about what concerns you may have and what results you are hoping to achieve. We will discuss if you have any aesthetic treatment in the past and your experience of this.

We will discuss how you can care for your skin, factors that affect the skin and your treatment options, a completely acceptable treatment option is always no treatment at all.

We will take some photographs of your face from different angles with you pulling different facial expressions to use as a baseline comparison if you do decide to go ahead with the treatment.

At the consultation you will be given full information on costs of treatment, any associated risks and benefits of treatment. If you are unsure it is always wise to go away and think about your treatment options before consenting to treatment.

I look forward to meeting you at your consultation.

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